Sunday, March 10, 2013

Black Mesa Vapors recently opened a location in Claremore, Oklahoma to service smokers making the switch from tobacco cigarettes to electronic cigarettes. We are thrilled to offer consumers the latest technology of electronic cigarettes at an affordable price. With many starter kits available and numerous flavors of Black Mesa Juice, you can't go wrong. We strive to help anyone trying to make the switch by offering great customer service. We will take the time needed to show you anything about the product so you can feel at ease with your purchase.

Many customers have made the switch to e-cigs due to recent tobacco bans and the high cost of tobacco cigarettes. Several of our customers are CNAs, dental assistants, and medical technicians that desired to stop smelling of smoke. Electronic cigarettes help them accomplish this by giving off a vapor instead of lingering smoke. So if you are tired of smoking and are ready to make the switch, give Black Mesa Vapors a try!

Order online at or stop by our new location at
121 W Blue Starr Dr
Claremore, OK 74017


  1. I have not touched a cigarette since starting vapor 2 months ago. Chris has been very helpful in explaining how it works, what to do, etc. At my recent cardio check-up, I learned that they now consider me an ex-smoker and are proud of me. I tried the other kinds first, but they did not replace a regular cigarette for me. I am on the band wagon to get others to make the switch.

  2. We thank you for your support! Glad you have made the switch!


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